• ALBION SC has a goal to be the # 1 club in the country both inside the DA and USYSA

• ALBION SC wants to produce more US National Team players than any club in the country.

• ALBION SC wants to gain more scholarships for our players than any club in the US.

• ALBION SC wants to have a full youth to Professional pathway for it's players and develop professional players.

• ALBION SC is committed to developing our players into superior players technically in the game of soccer with a strong understanding of how this game is supposed to be played and at the same time teaching the fundamentals of teamwork and sportsmanship.

• One main objective of ALBION SC is to develop players to their highest level of potential, ultimately advancing them to the next level of soccer, we work hard to provide opportunities for selection to ODP, US National Teams, and to provide opportunities for players to ultimately earn a college scholarship and gain their education.  At this point ALBION SC has earned the players over $20 million dollars in scholarships to colleges of their choice. ALBION SC currently has more players playing in the Ivy League Schools like Harvard, Princeton, Yale than any club in the US.

• Provide and secure top licenced coaches with great experience that will fit the needs of the each team and club and people that will care and foster the development of each player in the club and work towards a common goal and vision. ALBION SC has more layers and structure to the club allowing for more detailed coaching, more instruction, and more learning for our players.

• ALBION SC players during their development pathway will compete in various local, regional, national and even international competition to expose players to all levels of play and different styles and philosophies. 

• ALBION SC players will be taught to demonstrate good sportsmanship and the importance of team play. We believe that the success of this program is measured by its excellence on and off the field.

• ALBION SC will always be brining the players more opporunity through continued program enhancement and player development initiatives. 

• ALBION SC will assist and guide players on their college searches; by helping to match player’s skill levels to the appropriate college and help the individual players communicate with the college coach. We will provide a comprehensive plan for our players to make sure they are gaining the success they need to secure a soccer program in college with a scholarship.

• ALBION SC has developed a pathway to college/national team/ professional and we will continue to refine and define this pathway that will allow our players to reach the end result. Right now 98 percent of all our graduating players will go on to earn a college scholarship for soccer. We intend to maintain this and progress our numbers within the professional ranks and US National Teams. 

• ALBION SC will aim to be the top club in the country for US National Team production through the US Development Academy. 

• ALBION SC will aim to have its own state of the art training facility by 2019 giving the players the most professional training environment.