Program Overview




Juniors Soccer Program Professionally Run

For 6-12 year olds

"The ALBION SC program has really built up an incredible foundation in the Albion Juniors and put such a strong emphasis on developing the Junior player starting with the 6 year old and really fostering the proper environment for a young player to fall in love with the game and gain top level coaching. 


- Matt Llanes (ALBION Juniors Program Director)


What to look for in a Juniors Soccer Program

When searching for a developmental program for your player, one of the most critical components is finding an organization with a sound philosophy for developing technical and tactical skills that are age appropriate. It is also important to find a coaching staff that has the knowledge and expertise to work with the younger player. An appropriate training program that places your player in a training environment that ensures fun and proper fundamental development is also very important. Albion Juniors is under the guidance of USSF Nationally licensed Director, Matt Llanes.  He has been a coach and trainer for over 10 years and distinguished himself as an enthusiastic and leading youth soccer coach!

Our Youth Program

The ALBION JUNIORS—Development Program for the Junior Player is designed to give your child the opportunity to build a solid foundation in technical development in the very early years of playing and enjoying the game of soccer. ALBION JUNIORS program serves as an introductory and advanced path for 6-12 aged soccer players. . This design facilitates developmental progression recommended by the United States Soccer Federation as well as the US Youth Soccer Association.  We are committed to providing a fun, educational, and progressive experience for your youth soccer players. Not only are we committed to our youth players, but we also have a wonderful comprehensive coaching education curriculum and mentorship program specifically for Albion Juniors. Come out and experience what no other club in Hawaii offers!

ALBION JUNIORS is recommended for all girls and boys, ages 6-12, who have the desire to play soccer in a structured, professional environment with experienced and licensed coaches. There are no tryouts for our ALBION JUNIORS program. Registration and the desire is all that is required.



Professional Development Program for the Junior Player