Keiki Academy

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Albion SC Hawaii's Keiki Academy program is a unique opportunity to introduce your 4, 5, 6, and 7 year old to soccer, especially designed by Brent Nunes, Technical Advisor and Director of Coaching for Albion SC Hawaii. This popular program is a fun-filled introduction to soccer where children are encouraged to develop their mental, physical, and social abilities through creative soccer games, guided scrimmages, and other activities.  Each Keiki Academy program player will learn the skills of the game (ball control, dribbling, turning, passing and receiving, and shooting). Keiki Academy’s 6-week sessions includes two sessions per week where we provide professional instruction for the young player to begin learning individual skills and team-work. This program is designed to prepare your child for Albion SC Hawaii's Juniors Program.

By the time players graduate from our Keiki Academy program they should:

  • SOCIAL: Grasp important life lessons such as the value of respecting their teammates and coaches, the significance of listening during instruction, and the importance of teamwork.
  • PHYSICAL: Develop motor skills, balance, flexibility, and agility.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL: Be motivated and inspired by the sport of soccer through the encouraging and fun environment experienced within the program.
  • TECHNICAL: Understand the very basics of soccer in regards to how their body interacts with the ball
    • Dribbling
      • Ability to use both inside and outside of either foot
      • Use small controlled steps and keep ball close
      • Keep head up as much as possible
    • Running with the ball
      • Push ball away from body
      • Keep head up
      • Change of speed and direction
    • Passing
      • Keep on toes at all times
      • Concentrate on striking middle of ball with either foot
    • Control
      • Stay alert
  • TACTICAL: Know the most basic rules of the sport - to not use their hands, to understand the boundaries of the field, to become familiar with direction of play, and to become familiar with the concept of a game.

Player Expectations: Players are expected to wear their Keiki Academy uniform, along with soccer cleats, soccer socks, and shin guards. We also ask that each player bring a size 3 soccer ball (label with name and phone number) and water bottle.

Parent Expectations: In the Keiki Academy program, parent involvement is sometimes crucial for developing a long-lasting love for the game of soccer. If your child is struggling to participate in a game or activity, you are more than welcome to step in and help out. We also hope that you communicate any concerns or issues that you have with us. We strive to ensure all of our members and Keiki Academy players have a positive experience.

Coach Expectations: Ablion SC Hawaii staff will ensure that all equipment is set up at the field. Coaches will receive a coaching plan before each session, and are expected to facilitate these activities with their team to ensure each player learns the same age-appropriate skills. Becoming a coach is a rewarding process, and we encourage anyone who is interested in coaching to contact our Director of Coaching, Brent Nunes at

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