Bella Ayau (05G) - First ALBION SC Hawaii player invited to join ALBION SC DA "Development Academy".

Bella Ayau (05G) - First ALBION SC Hawaii player invited to join ALBION SC DA

Bella Ayau (05G) - First Albion SC Hawaii player invited to join Albion SC DA "Development Academy".  



Lakewood Ranch, FL (12/9-12/14) & New York City, NY (12/14-12/15)


Albion SC Hawaii 14 year old female standout Bella Ayau on her opportunity to play in the US Soccer Development Academy Winter Cup in Florida along with her selection and invite to the 2019 Women's Soccer Summit in New York City.


Congratulations on all your recent success on and off the field.  How do you stay motivated to keep working hard each day?  



"I honestly love playing soccer and really take pride in my school work so really I don't think about it, I just enjoy each day practicing and going to school.  My coaches always talk about the process and how we must enjoy the grind.  It's easy to work hard when you love what you do".


- Tell us a little about how you prepare for these major showcase events and the pressure of playing in front over 1000 college coaches and pro scouts?



"Over the last few years, I have been lucky to play in some tough environments at showcases and college camps.  Just in this past year, I have played in The Far West Regionals with our boys 05 group, Surf Cup with Albion Las Vegas DA,  and various DA games with Albion SC 04 Girls.  I also just returned home from playing in Spain with Hawaii Elite Soccer Academy. I don't think about the pressure, I just work hard and have fun out there". 


- What does your weekly training schedule look like? What would you share with young boys/girls who aspire to play at the next level?



During the week I practice with Albion SC, train 2 private functional sessions with Hawaii Elite, and then strength training with HI Performance Athletics 2-3 times a week.  My simple advice for young players is commit yourself to the process and find the right environment and coaches who will help you get these opportunities to play at the highest level.  I am so thankful for my parents and coaches for all their support.  They work so hard, I would not be where I am at without them.



"Bella is a great example for all our young players.  She is so committed and truly enjoys the process.  Bella understands what hard work is all about.  Not only is she a leader with her play on the field, but she also excels in the classroom maintaining a high gpa.  We are thankful for the Albion SC DA program, for providing a pathway for Bella and other top players to play in high level environments.  It's an exciting time for Bella."



Brent Nunes

Albion SC Hawaii | Technical Director