Mar 20

ALBION Hawaii Keiki Academy Maui Spring Session

ALBION SC Hawaii's Keiki Academy Soccer Program is a unique opportunity to introduce your 4, 5, and 6-year-old to Maui Youth Soccer, especially designed by Mike Adrian, ALBION Keiki Academy Director. This popular Hawaii youth soccer program is a fun-filled introduction to soccer. Children are encouraged to develop their mental, physical, and social abilities through creative soccer games, guided scrimmages, and other activities.  Each Keiki Academy program player will learn the skills of the game (ball control, dribbling, turning, passing, and shooting).

Keiki Academyʻs 6-week Maui Youth Soccer program includes two sessions per week where we provide professional instruction for the young soccer player to begin learning individual skills and teamwork. This program is designed to prepare your child for Hawaii youth soccer and ALBION SC Hawaii's Juniors youth soccer program.

The Keiki Academy spring registration will open on February 24th. Sessions will begin on March 20th—location in Central Maui.

Start your child's path to Maui youth soccer this spring.

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