International Program


Albion SC International Program:


Brazil Training Tour


The Albion SC coaching staff believe very strongly in training Internationally and the experience gained from the travel and play in another country. As part of our development program for our players we have set up a system to offer players as early as BU14 and GU14 to travel and play at a higher level than what we see here in the USA. To date Albion SC has taken over 500 players down to Brazil to train and play with and against the best in Brazil since 2000.

The Albion SC program teaches a Brazilian style of soccer and in doing so our International program includes training and playing in Brazil with some of the most famous fomer players and coaches within Brazil.

This is where we take our players to gain the individual International experience of play and travel. As players in Albion SC reach the program age for International Travel they will have the individual opportunity to travel or we will send the entire team for the full team experience.

Over the years we have watched what the International experience has taught the player and how it matures and develops the player and are very proud to have this component for Albion SC players. This program is truly once in a lifetime experience and an opportunity that players dream of as they are moving up the Albion SC system.


MIC Tournament, Barcelona, Spain

Each year Albion SC puts together a team or teams to attend the MIC tournament in Barcelona. This event is one of the most compeititive youth tournaments in the world and we will see Youth Professional Clubs such as Man United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and more. This is a highly competitve team that attends and has really showcased our players and club internationally. 

Manchester United/ London Tour

Former Man United player Billy Garton has orgnized training and playing opporutnities for our players to go to London and get incredible access to many of the clubs in London and will train and play against many of the Professional Academies. This is an annual trip open to most ages and typically is in the Spring or Summer.